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Convert decimal red, green and blue colors to hexadecimal format from the command line with a few options…


This is a command line utility written in the Rust programming language.

Cross Platform

This should work in command lines in Linux, Windows, & MacOs.


I do a lot with color in various environments from web & graphic design to programming and I do many things from the command line and I wanted a more programmatic method than my normal various functions/scripts across various environments and languages that do the same, but I can instead just use this one program across any environment.


This is a cross-platform command line tool in binary executable format that can be used in command lines/consoles/terminals/ttys/shells in Linux, Windows, and MacOs.

This program’s name has various versions, but they should all be renamed to: rgbtohexr.


This was written in Linux, but tested in Linux and Windows. Sorry MacOs users; I do not have a Mac, but I do know the operating system well and it has been written properly for the system had compiled successfully as can be seen in this repositories build history and should run fine. Please let me know if it doesn’t.


This is currently provided as a compiled binary that is either portable or can be installed in Linux with the Debian - .deb[1] package installer, but if there’s enough interest I can also provide an AppImage[2] at some point.

File Permissions

The main program file is meant to be executable and in Windows that’s not usually an issue, but in Linux and MacOs you may need to set the permissions.

In a Linux or MacOs command line run:

# executable for all users
chmod +x /path/to/rgbtohexr
# or
chmod 755 /path/to/rgbtohexr 
# executable for current user only
chmod u+x /path/to/rgbtohexr 


This program is portable, but there is a Debian (.deb file) package installer for the Linux binary version.

Debian Installer

The file: rgbtohexr.deb is a Linux Debian package installer for use on most Linux Debian based operating systems.

Install By (Double) Clicking

Like many other executable files this should be able to be clicked or double clicked to execute and it should open in the systems software manager gui.

Install Command Line Method

Install from command line with:

sudo dpkg -i /path/to/rgbtohexr.deb

I imagine this can be installed with gdebi, but I’m not familiar with it.

Uninstall with:

Uninstall Command Line Method
sudo apt remove rgbtohexr
# -y to skip prompt approval

Portable Usage

Portable applications do not need to be installed, but they are easier to use if they are in one of a systems PATH directories.

If the program file is not in PATH (or in the current directory) then you must run it with the complete path url:

/path/to/rgbtohexr --help


& '\Path\To\rgbtohexr.exe' --help

If the file is place in PATH then you can run it with:

rgbtohexr --help
Operating System PATH

PATH directories are stored and can listed in the various operating systems PATH variable.


echo "$PATH"
Operating System Variable Name
Linux $PATH
Windows %PATH%

Environment Usage

Used in many command lines across 3 main operating systems (and more).

Operating System Environment

3 main operating systems:

  • Linux
  • Windows
  • MacOs

Command Line Environment

Used in any command line environment from Linux Shell to Windows PowerShell.

  • Windows
    • CMD
    • PowerShell
  • Linux
    • Shell
    • Bash
    • Zsh
    • many more…
  • MacOs
    • Same as Linux I imagine.


A few random examples:

╰─»»» rgbtohexr 255 0 0                 
╰─»»» rgbtohexr --html 255 127 127      
╰─»»» rgbtohexr --upper --hex 255 63 255
╰─»»» rgbtohexr -ut 127 63 255
╰─»»» rgbtohexr 127 63 h
 Passed argument is not an integer between 0-255.

The Help screen:

╰─»»» rgbtohexr --help       

 Convert decimal [Red], [Green], and
 [Blue] colors to hexadecimal format.
        rgbtohexr [OPTIONS...]
        rgbtohexr INTEGERS...
        rgbtohexr [OPTIONS...] INTEGERS...

        -h,--help       This help screen.
        -u,--upper      Retrieve output as
        -t,--html       Retrieve output as
        -x,--hex        Retrieve output as
                        Default format:'FFFFFF'

        3 integers from 0-255 that represent the 
        corresponding [Red],[Green], and [Blue]

 @ERRORS:       Exit Codes
        0       No errors.
        1       Not enough arguments passed.
        2       Passed argument is not an
                integer between 0-255.


All links pertinent to this project.

All of the most current, up-to-date files are located on the ‘Stable Release’ page.

Current project links.

Description Link
Main repository. https://github.com/Lateralus138/rgbtohexr
Main repository - themed version. https://lateralus138.github.io/rgbtohexr
Current Releases https://github.com/Lateralus138/rgbtohexr/releases
Stable Release https://github.com/Lateralus138/rgbtohexr/releases/tag/

Current release files.

These are all the files included under ‘Stable Release’ on the ‘Current Releases’ page.

File Name Description Link
rgbtohexr.deb Debian package installer. ./target/release/rgbtohexr.deb
rgbtohexr_linux Main Linux executable. ./target/release/rgbtohexr_linux
rgbtohexr_darwin Main MacOS executable. .target/release/rgbtohexr_darwin
rgbtohexr_windows.exe Main Windows executable. ./target/release/rgbtohexr_windows.exe

Project Status

Overall Status

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Total downloads for this project GitHub all releases
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Latest Version Status

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Latest Build Status

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Linux: Build/Publish rgbtohexr - Rust Build - Linux
Debian: Build/Publish rgbtohexr - Rust Build - Debian
Windows: Build/Publish rgbtohexr - Rust Build - Windows
Macos: Build/Publish rgbtohexr - Rust Build - Macos


# Description Link
1 The Debian .deb file is a Linux application package installer/delivery system. DuckDuckGo Search
2 AppImage is a portable executable system with sand-boxing capabilities and no need to worry about dependencies. There isn’t much need to have an AppImage with this seeing that it has no dependencies, but if anyone wants it I will considering creating one. DuckDuckGo Search


Main Logo

Screen Shots

Help Screen

Help Screen

Demo Screen

Demo Screen


License Info

This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details.